Tuesday, February 10, 2009

John Frankenheimer's Prophecy

I don't recall ever seeing this movie before so I figured with John Frankenheimer's some what of an okay resume that it couldn't be half bad, plus the fact that it was marketed as a "monster movie" and the poster/box art feature some gnarly looking baby creature. I'm not going to review the full movie because that would take too long, so I'm just gonna say every scene where someone is being eaten by or attacked by the mutant bear that walks and runs upright is amazing. Even the scenes where you don't see the monster. The tunnel scene around 3/4 of the film is really fucking suspenseful but then you have scenes like the lake scene where you find yourself throwing stuff at your TV because you can't comprehend that any human being would sit and watch what was going on for that long. Over all the movie is shot very beautifully, some great scenic shots, oh yeah and fucking mutant baby bears. This movie is pretty much what it would be like if the Man-Bear-Pig from South Park had its own movie minus Al Gore. Watch this movie, you wont regret it, you might not like it but you wont regret it. How long till this movie is up for a remake? Here is a 10 minute scene from the movie just to get a taste of the awesomeness....

Or if you just want to watch the trailer:

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